Top Tips for Install Soakwells Correctly

20 February 2020
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Over the past few years, the population in Australia, especially in major settlement areas, has been increasing steadily and stands at about 86%. Consequently, this has led to the diminishing of stable land and forced more people to build on challenging sites. Some of the challenging sites have a problem with water drainage, which is a significant concern to the foundation of stable structures. If you intend to build on challenging sites, then you will need to install soakwells. Read More …

You Need to Know This Before Choosing Natural Stone Flooring for Your Home

19 February 2020
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When building your home, one place that needs your attention is the floor. A good quality floor will stand the test of time. It will deliver durability, practicality and low cost of maintenance. On the other, a bad floor will require force to spend more in terms of maintenance because its quality cannot withstand regular use. Additionally, it also escalates the risk of slip and fall accidents, especially among children. They will not be as cautious as needed when they walk or run on the floor. Read More …