Repair Options for Driveway Potholes

Repair Options for Driveway Potholes

20 September 2021
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Potholes can form in a driveway for a variety of reasons, but moisture is usually the main culprit. As water infiltrates the pavement, it can erode the asphalt until it begins to crumble. Temperature fluctuations can make the damage more severe, since frozen water will expand and enlarge the damage from the inside out. There are several options for repairing these potholes that don't necessarily require installing all-new asphalt paving. 

Cold Patch

Cold patching is by far the simplest way to make a repair. The technician will clear the pothole of any gravel or other debris and then they will fill the hole with a cold asphalt and epoxy mix. The mix is firmly tamped down and levelled, resulting in a nearly instantaneous repair.

Keep in mind that cold patching is only suitable for relatively shallow potholes. If the damage is deep enough to reach into the foundation of the driveway, a cold patch can only act as a temporary patch. Over time a cold patch may also shrink away from the surrounding paving, which means it may need to be repaired again at a later date. 

Hot Patch

Hot patches are a bit more difficult to apply. The asphalt surrounding the pothole must be heated up to the same temperature as the hot patching material. Then the hole is filled and tamped down using a similar method to cold patching, with the goal being that the hot patch will integrate with the edges of the hot pavement. When successful, the patch is less likely to crumble or shrink away at the edges.

The restrictions on hot patching are similar to cold patching, as well. It is best suited for shallow damage that doesn't reach into the base materials. 


Opt for resurfacing when the potholes are deep or if there are multiple potholes present. With resurfacing, the top layer of the asphalt is milled down. Then, the potholes are filled to level them with the milled surface. Finally, a fresh overlay of new asphalt is installed over the top of the entire driveway.

Not only does this fill in the potholes and prevent them from reforming, but it also rejuvenates the surface of the driveway. The pothole patches won't be visible and the driveway will look like new. 

Contact an asphalt service to learn more about pothole repairs. They can recommend the most suitable method for the specific damage to your driveway.