Two tips for business owners who need to have their pavement repaved

Two tips for business owners who need to have their pavement repaved

17 November 2020
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If you have some paving contractors who need to replace or repave your premises' pavement, you might find this information helpful.

Order covers for the pavement trenches

In order to do their work, the contractors may need to create pavement trenches so that they can access the bottom layers of the paving. If your staff and clients will still need to cross over the pavement to reach the other side of it whilst the contractors are working, then you must order a few covers for these trenches. Whilst your young, able-bodied clients and staff members might be able to easily hop over this gap, many others may struggle to stretch their legs over the trench and may end up landing or falling on the dirt and loose paving materials inside it when they attempt this. Furthermore, it will be impossible for wheelchair-using clients or staff to traverse these trenches.

As such, you must have some covers in place that people can walk on when crossing over the pavement trenches. You should not attempt to use makeshift covers like, for example, wooden pallets you have lying around on your premises, as unlike specialist pavement trench covers, these could collapse or wobble when people step on them and make these individuals fall. Pavement trench covers will stay in place and provide a stable, non-slip surface for individuals to walk or roll across.

Tape off areas of the trench that do not have any covers

If the pavements the contractors need to work on are very long, then you may only be able to put trench covers in a couple of spots on each one. If this is the case, you should tape off the other areas of the trenches where there are no covers. If possible, you should purchase tape that is reflective so that even those with poor eyesight can see it.

If for example, a queue forms for one of the trench cover crossing areas, clients or staff members who are in a rush might try to leap over the trench instead. Even if they do this of their own volition, you may still be considered responsible if this jump results in them landing in the trench and, for example, spraining their wrist, if you do not put up some tape that makes it clear that no one but the contractors should enter this area.

Reach out to a professional for more information about pavement trenches