3 Reasons to Have Your Garden Walls Rendered

3 Reasons to Have Your Garden Walls Rendered

26 February 2020
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If you have brick walls around your property that you aren't happy with, then you can take them down and replace them. However, this takes some time and money. In some cases, rendering the walls is a viable alternative. This is when you plaster over the brickwork with a cement mix that contains other additives like sand and water. The render creates a covering layer over the walls.

What are the benefits of rendering your walls?

1. Give the Walls a New Look

Some older brick walls look crumbly and worn. They don't make the outside of your home or your garden look appealing. Even if your walls are in good condition, you might not like the way they look all that much. You may have done up the outside of your home in a modern style that doesn't really go with the old brickwork, which now looks outdated.

If you render the walls, then they get a complete makeover — you cover over the bricks with a solid and even coating. You can render in various colours; you can even have it applied in different textures and designs if you don't want plain walls.

2. Give the Walls More Protection

If your brickwork is getting older, then it probably isn't as structurally sound as it was originally. It has been outdoors in all weathers and it may have damp problems from the ground around it. If this damage continues, you'll need to replace the walls.

A layer of render shores up the brickwork and protects it from further damage. Render is better able to cope with wet weather and damp. So, your walls won't just look better, but they'll last longer as well.

3. Give Yourself a Maintenance Break

While brick walls do look after themselves most of the time, you have to do some maintenance work on them as they get older. If their mortar starts to get weak, you might have to scrape it out and replace it. If bricks get too crumbly or move out of position, they'll need to be replaced or reset.

Once you have render up, you don't have any maintenance work to do. The render doesn't need painting even if you pick a coloured option. If you use a render with UV protection, it'll keep its colour and stay looking bright on its own.

To find out if this is a good way to spruce up and shore up your wall, get in touch with local cement rendering services.