Top Tips for Install Soakwells Correctly

Top Tips for Install Soakwells Correctly

20 February 2020
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Over the past few years, the population in Australia, especially in major settlement areas, has been increasing steadily and stands at about 86%. Consequently, this has led to the diminishing of stable land and forced more people to build on challenging sites. Some of the challenging sites have a problem with water drainage, which is a significant concern to the foundation of stable structures. If you intend to build on challenging sites, then you will need to install soakwells. The tanks collect stormwater and allow it to seep into the soil slowly. However, you must avoid particular mistakes when installing soak wells. This article highlights tips for installing soakwells in challenging sites.

Install Soakwell Far from the House -- If you plan to install a soakwell on your property, then you must install it far away from the house. The reason why is that soakwells trap a lot of water for prolonged periods, and this is likely to weaken the foundation of your house. Therefore, it is essential to install your soakwell a reasonable distance from your house to prevent its impact on the foundation. The distance from your home depends on how big the soakwell is and how much water it holds. Big soak wells that hold vast amounts of stormwater should be further away from your home than small soakwells.

Install Soakwell at Slab Stage -- When building a home, it is usual for builders to advise clients to install their soakwell after the house is complete. This is especially the case for homeowners that don't have the funds to install their soakwell during the building stage. However, when you wait until the foundation goes up, then you will have to deal with the sewer, gas and water utility lines. Not only is it expensive, but it is also very dangerous, especially if the project is a DIY. Therefore, ensure that you install your soakwell during the building stage.

Base Size of Soakwell to Ground Condition -- What is the condition of the ground in which you are planning to install the soakwell? This is a critical factor to look at if you want the soakwell to function well. A site that is mainly sand soil is the best to install a soakwell in because it is excellent at allowing stormwater to pass through it. On the other hand, rocky ground is less efficient for soakwells and is challenging to install a soakwell in.

To learn more about soakwells, contact a paving contractor.